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Marlows TavernSpring 2014

I always wonder how many great restaurants are out there in Orlando that I have never heard of before. Marlow’s Tavern was next on that list. Invited by a couple of friends, Jess and I traveled over to Winter Park completely unsure of what to expect.

Pulling up to the establishment, I quickly became confused. The structure looked like an old Burger King with a built-out layer in the front for relaxing and music. All that was missing was a playplace. But in the parking lot were plenty of high-end wheels including a six-figure machine next to us. After banging my car door into theirs (I really didn’t but I wanted to), we stepped out and found ourselves in a calming environment with a cozy bar area and patrons collapsed in comfy seats.

Finding a booth that fit all six of us, I desired an adult beverage, only this appeared to be a joint where a Bud Light would cost $6. Thankfully, a 16oz can of PBR was on the way and I could focus on the task at hand: what should I order up for my grouchy belly.

And there it was. The Royale with Cheese. With one of my favorite movies being Pulp Fiction, I had to go for it. I do realize several establishments now have this on its menu, but I have never actually ordered one. Time to put an end to this drought.

“Waygu beef seared perfectly and stacked with American cheese, pickles and buttery brioche.” Get rid of those darn pickles and we have ourselves a burger! It arrived elegantly in front of me and I wasted only 2.3 seconds before it entered my face.

Struggling to label the burger, it certainly pleased me only not to the extent I thought it would. I failed to finish it not because it tasted bad, I just felt like my heart did not want it anymore. The grease and fat seemed to build up quickly in my system so I said, “No mas,” and took in the good vibes this place offered instead.

I probably will turn away from the burger during my next visit, but I do recommend for burger lovers to give one of them a try at Marlow’s. I can easily see how they could achieve a nice little following.