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April 28, 2012

Deep down I always enjoy my parents doing some shopping for my poor little soul. I may say to them that they should not spend their hard-earned money, yet it makes me feel a tad special when they give me some attention. I am the middle child after all.

During my father’s first trip to Florida in about five years, he and my mother took me to Super Target. The spending spree to fill Brian’s stomach had begun.

Now I always make sure to keep my kitchen stocked with lovely edibles, yet my parents completely filled it thanks to their journey through the Target aisles. Dad decided it was a neat idea to buy me a cooked, refrigerated rotisserie chicken. While he let his mouth water, I skipped over to the bakery to find a loaf of three-cheese semolina bread, which I scooped up since I had a $1 off coupon.

Five days passed before I managed to attack the chicken. However I did not want to just simply reheat it in the microwave. So I drizzled some olive oil over the bird and I popped it in the oven for 15 minutes. I then stripped away the white meat (all while nibbling at the wings). I decided to shred it up and mix half of it with Sweet Baby Ray’s – the best BBQ sauce sold in grocery stores – garlic salt, pepper and rosemary.

While the chicken got happy with its new friends, I toasted two slices of bread before adding the chicken and some Swiss cheese to the top. The combination melted together after placing a lid over the pan, and I transitioned it over to my plate to build the sandwich.

The result was out of control. Whether it was the BBQ sauce, the garlic or rosemary, each bite offered a unique texture for my taste buds. What sparked my happiness was the choice of bread. This sandwich likely would not have appealed to me this much if I simply went with a hamburger bun or something similar. A strong, flavorful bread produces interesting results. Either way, I washed it down with Labatt Blue Light and a smile formed on my face for quite some time.

After inhaling, I went back to the second half of the chicken and instead of BBQ sauce, I sprinkled it with oregano and added shaved deli ham. It was not as appetizing as my first try, yet it still paid off since every crumb was in my stomach.

What You’ll Need

Rotisserie Chicken – Already Cooked (Either Hot or Refrigerated)

Olive Oil

Three Cheese Semolina Bread

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce

Garlic Salt



Your Favourite Cheese

A Beer

The Steps

1)      If the rotisserie chicken is refrigerated, heat oven to 450 degrees. Use non-stick spray on bottom of a pot, and place chicken inside. Drizzle olive oil over the chicken and heat uncovered for 15 minutes.

2)      When cooked, tear off white meat as if you’re making pulled chicken.

3)      In a bowl, mix chicken with BBQ sauce, garlic salt, pepper and rosemary.

4)      Butter both sides of the bread and toast it on the stove.

5)      When the bread has a minor crust to it, add chicken to the top of both sides, add a layer of cheese and cover so it melts.

6)      After a couple of minutes, build the sandwich.

7)      Enjoy with your favourite beer.