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May 20, 2012 – I can’t believe it took me a week before sitting down and writing this.

Attending a food truck bazaar has been a lifelong dream of mine. Well, it has ever since I heard about an event like this a couple of months ago. Yet I still ached at the thought of playful little trucks pumping out dishes like chicken and waffles, Korean tacos, brownie cheesecakes and gourmet popsicles.

On a humid Sunday evening at the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, I immediately noticed a random parking area far away from the mall bustling with activity. Massive amounts of cars and people flooded the scene, and in the middle sat well over 10 bright and shiny food trucks. My giddiness could not be contained.

I parked and quickly discovered this was not just a bazaar. It was a festival of the appetite. People treated it like a college football game by setting up chairs, blankets, umbrellas and anything else to form a more comfortable eating environment. The tailgate party was underway.

Entering the ring of trucks, knowing where to start served as a problem. Yet my body eagerly began walking from truck to truck looking at all of the menus out front of each vehicle. Some were actual trucks, others were trailers or another type of small compartment. When the Treehouse Truck grabbed my attention, my tummy started to tickle with excitement. The very first item on the menu: the Luther Burger which used Krispy Kreme donuts as its buns.

Although I did one lap around all of the trucks, I briskly skipped back over to the Treehouse Truck and ordered up one Luther Burger and some of its seasoned fries. The wait was short but brutal, and when I took ownership of my dinner I found a spot in the shade and stared at it in amazement. Could this really be happening?

Unfortunately my brain decided to function, and I only thought about how I was about to destroy my insides due to an already high cholesterol level. I somehow picked it up and could feel my fingers glaze over. The first bite rumbled around in my mouth and the only things I could taste were the donuts. It was as if the burger, cheese and bacon did not exist. I took my second bite and my taste buds had the same experience. This occurred all while my brain kept telling me to stop, so I attempted to compensate with some surprisingly delicious fries. That made matters worse.

I halted progress on the burger with two bites left. I will not try this again.

I left knowing I just cut a few days off of my life. But I also wondered what happens to the food trucks when they stop cooking up disturbing heaps of fat. I would like to think they all convene in a happy barn where they play cards at night and soak up some adult beverages. The thought of drunken food trucks make me smile.

What You’ll Need

A mind that will embrace some crazy food. And lots of napkins.

The Steps

To make it from home:

1)      Buy two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts.

2)      Cook one burger. Add cheese and bacon.

3)      Put it all together and eat.