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Johnny'sFebruary 2015

About four different people I was with were stunned to learn that I was making my first trip to Johnny’s Fillin Station earlier this month. For someone who has always wanted to track down Orlando’s best burger, I do admit I am ashamed of myself for not going sooner.

On an assuming corner off Fern Creek, it has a charming look that one would require in a dive bar. Nothing fancy at all, Johnny’s is a building that likely would not catch the eye of a passing driver. Across its parking lot is something called Johnny’s Other Side, which was offering up live music and the sounds of loud drunks. I will make my way over there in due time.

This visit, though, was for the main course. Patrons were gathered sporadically throughout the joint, watching TV, lounging at a table or attempting to shoot pool. For a Saturday night I expected it to be a little more crowded. Since it wasn’t, three of us were able to find seats at the quaint little bar before meeting others and moving over to a large table. I began to notice the disgusting Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia on the walls and made a mental note to never go to Johnny’s on a Sunday afternoon.

After another adult beverage, I glanced at the menu, looking specifically only at the hamburger selections. Priced from $6.85-11.36 (what place has a food option that ends in something like 36?), the TEXAS Chili Burger appeared appetizing. I wanted a simple option so I went with the Bacon Cheeseburger for $8.85, and of course the seasoned curly fries.

Scoping the place out even more, I noticed in the kitchen the meat was being cooked on a flat-top grill. I was really hoping it would be an actual grill. That is a strike in my book.

The meat arrived on a standard bun in an even more standard basket, with the fries being carried in a separate container. Two strips of bacon did not look completely cooked, and the cheese on top of them was a simple slice of American that I could grab at a Circle K. Based on appearances, I was not impressed.

I asked for my burger medium, and that is what was given to my mouth. I did devour the first couple of bites, but nothing made it stand out compared to the 2,324,829 joints in town. If the meat was cooked on a real grill, then Johnny’s may have a contender.

Friends at the table did inform me that the burger needs to be on Texas toast, something that could have helped before I ordered. So my next visit will certainly include this different bun option, and I really need to get one-two different cheese slices as well.

Johnny’s was a great dive to visit, and I absolutely loved the ambiance (besides the Steelers garbage). I only wish it was a touch closer to the East side of town.