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June 10, 2016

Five Guys – Regular Cheeseburger

Ok, yeah, this is easily the best reviewer ever and most of us know that. I’ll come back to this…

I never heard of Five Guys when it moved into Waterford Lakes but I liked it immediately. However, I’ve stayed away from it for quite some time now.  I just simply think it’s not worth what it costs, especially since fries are extra.

Although almost everyone couldn’t visit Five Guys with us on May 25, a couple of us were able to give it another little taste, and a few others went by themselves (I still am accepting votes). I’ve been quite surprised how many people say this is the best burger, and ask the question, “Five Guys or In-n-Out Burger?” The answer for me is neither.

Watching the above video, it’s one of the most awesome things in the world to watch. For me, though, I guess I’m more sophisticated when reviewing a burger  (I say that knowing I usually have cheese all over my face when eating one). Maybe because my standards are really high for every meat patty.

Five Guys is a comfy establishment that caters to the casual eater especially with the free peanuts and delicious fries. The menu is very simple as a cheeseburger is really a double.

IMG_4266I got the standard cheeseburger and I could see it oozing with fat when I opened the wrapper. As Bill said, “The regular cheeseburger is just too much so the little bacon burger is the perfect meat to toppings ratio.” I agreed, but I devoured my burger which had some mustard and A-1 sauce on it.

Cooking it on a flat top hurts the taste so I wasn’t overwhelmed with the texture and juiciness. The bun was a flop as I could have purchased it at any supermarket, and they didn’t do anything to it when forming the burger.

It’s easy to see why a lot of people crave Five Guys if they love a slight flat-top crispiness to the outside of the meat, and how you can pour a ton of toppings on as well. For me, I still need an actual grill and a medium-rare slap in the face.


Reminder of the rules:

The voting categories: Appearance & Toppings, Bun, Juiciness/Meat, Overall Taste

Rank each category from 1-5 with 5 being the best. You can go 4.5 if you like. I will average out all the rankings to get a final number for the establishment.


B&B JunctionJuly 2014

When 4Rivers changed locations in Winter Park and something called B&B Junction popped up, I of course became skeptical. Whatever it was, my immediate opinion was that it was going to fail just like me trying not to drool when I sleep. So I ignored it.

That is until I received some sporadic feedback claiming that it actually served up a decent burger. And when LivingSocial offered up a $40 value in food and drinks for just $20, I decided, what the hell.

On a Sunday afternoon, we trekked over and found plenty of parking (unlike when 4Rivers held its ground there) but still no indoor seating on this warm and very muggy July day in Florida. For our deal, we were able to choose two drinks, two sides/starters, two burgers and two desserts. We just had to pay tax as well.

Where the specialty drinks like craft root beer used to be now stood a similar cooler but this time it was filled with craft beer. I went for the Bell’s Oberon Ale, and from the burger menu I decided to go for just the standard offering, the #1. However I noticed the #3 burger had blackened seasoning so I added that along with cheddar cheese to my meat. We also got some fries and chicken tenders as the sides, plus a chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake.

Not a bad deal at all.

And the burger? So money. I ordered mine pink (that’s another difference these days, so many places just say pink or no pink instead of rare, medium, etc. I think it’s because the chefs can’t handle a burger medium well and screw it up so much) and the first bite packed a solid punch. The house sauce looked just like what’s spread on burgers at Big Boy, yet tasted much cleaner and had a nice spicy kick to it.

B&B Junction advertises that its beef is “made from 100% local, sustainable, antibiotic and growth hormone free grass-fed beef … served on a brioche bun.” It certainly does not taste like the beef at the supermarket that’s for sure. Every bite delivered what I needed.

Top five in Orlando? For now, definitely. I need to try it one more time to know for sure. However, the bison burger might be up next for me here.

The only issue I had, besides the non-indoor seating, was that the chicken tenders were pretty bland. They looked good, but the batter needed some seasoning.

On the drive home we turned by Johnny’s Filling Station, a place I’ve always wanted to try. On the outside wall, it said it had Orlando’s best burger. We’ll see about that soon.

Burger USummer 2014

Situated on the UCF campus where the rent is high and foot traffic on normal days can be minimal, Burger U became yet another burger joint in the area. At first places like BurgerFi and Five Guys were all the talk in Orlando (based on my own personal mind), and national stories were running on how burger joints are perfect given the American economy at the time.

So even more burger spots have opened up, and while I appreciate a good meat sandwich, the market is inundated with places like Burger 21, BurgerFi, Five Guys, Burger & Beer Joint, B&B Junction, Beth’s Burger Bar, Burger Bar and so much more.

Burger U is in that category. New to the campus scene, it offers a similar setup to its previous tenant, Tailgaters, as it has a nice little bar, outdoor seating and TVs everywhere. The good thing for Burger U is that it is more focused on its food rather than the beer (when most of the population living near you is under 21 and you’re on a college campus, the beer selection should definitely take a back seat).

Maybe it is because I’ve tried a bunch of burgers lately or that I was more focused on the United States’ World Cup match on the tube, the angus burger with cheddar cheese I ordered up did not hit the spot. Add to it the garlic fries and I immediately began having heartburn. Everything was very greasy, especially the fries. The good part was that the cost of the burger alone was only about $5.

I did have a sample of regular fries from a friend and they were much better, so that did help my attitude. But my desire to try another burger is not very strong. However, even though food is first and foremost here, the adult beverage selections were pretty desirable.

Varsity2Baseball Road Trip Day One – May 2013

Checking in to a famous eatery always gives me goose bumps, especially one in which I had seen on TV or read about online on numerous occasions. Pulling up to The Varsity, I thought we might be entering a giant mall due to the parking garage and swarms of people middling about. And the building itself seemed to take on a life of its own. All of this for some fast food? I could not open the car door fast enough.

After I wanted to get a picture of myself by the street sign, we entered a world of flavors and aromas. We also entered a scene out of the movie “Trading Places” since there were piles of people everywhere as if they were trying to buy and sell commodities. Thankfully, we were Valentine and Louis, reaping all the benefits in the end.

“What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?!”

The workers at the registers belted this question out routinely, which made me think from watching TV there might be a special way to order (I later found the instructions on a sign in the dining area). I decided to just focus on what I wanted, because I kept thinking about how much money this trip will cost. Yet at the same time how often do I make visits to legendary eateries?

Varsity1Looking over the 1,324 lines of people waiting to order, I determined a chili cheese dog and a cheeseburger were the way to go. I will save money by getting a cup of water. Jess, meanwhile, settled with a simple cheeseburger and we would share the hand-cut fries. Upon delivery of the food at the counter, we then stumbled about, noticing tons of rooms where patrons were burying their faces in grease. I especially loved the classroom with school desks. I kind of wanted to eat in there to make it feel like I was sneaking in a snack while the teacher bored me to death, unless they were discussing geography.

We grabbed a booth instead and gorged ourselves. I honestly thought I would be strongly impacted by the taste. However, the food was simple and original. The hot dog easily defeated the cheeseburger, and I may even say the fries beat them both. The Varsity presented itself the way fast food should: items thrown together and mildly-small portions. Except for the fries as I could not get enough of them.

The experience, though, left me wanting to return. Although I do not know when that next trip might be since Atlanta appears to offer up several delicious adventures. The odds are, I will try The Vortex next.

Melt1June 2, 2013

This is the best question of all time: What would be your last meal before you hit the chair? I could spend hours diagramming my answer in a personalized chart based on what time of day I am supposed to get fried, what types of food my tummy requires and all of the side dishes I crave. The end result, though, almost always will bring me to the entrée called the Fat City Burger from Melt Bar and Grilled in the suburbs of Cleveland.

On my very first visit to this grilled cheese establishment in a few years ago, I felt like Wayne and Garth entering the dressing room for Alice Cooper. “I am not worthy!” I did not care that the wait was about two hours, as I sat I noticed every single patron carrying out a box of food. Then I discovered how many edible objects are arranged on plates.

I probably should have done some stomach exercises in preparation because I became one of those patrons.

Now I count down the days each time before I make my next visit to any one of the four locations, and my cubicle wall even has a menu hanging on it. My latest journey put me in Cleveland June 2, and it once again did not disappoint.

Each Melt defines the word “eclectic.” From Dairy Queen signs and plastic Halloween and Christmas statues, the walls bleed emotions. I personally favor all of the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns memorabilia, no matter how disturbing it can be to the eyes. I just always wonder what the women’s restrooms contain because the men’s rooms’ walls are littered with awesomeness.

In-house menus are listed on the back of old vinyl albums, and it can be quite a chore to determine your order. For example:

-Westside Monte Cristo – ham, turkey, swiss, American, deep fried, dip in mixed berry preserves

-Smokey Russian – turkey, napa vodka kraut, gouda, Russian dressing

-Godfather – 3-cheese lasagna, red sauce, garlic spiked grilled bread, provolone

-Parmageddon – 2 pierogi, napa vodka kraut, grilled onions, cheddar

-Turtle Pizza Roll – pizza rolls, marinara, pesto cream cheese, provolone, romano

-Rising Sun – Asian marinated fish or seafood, ginger wasabi dressing, lettuce, tomato, muenster

-Wet Hot Buffalo Chicken – chicken breast, spicy buffalo sauce, celery and blue cheese slaw, ranch

-El Diablo Burger – 8 oz steak burger, ancho, pasilla negro and chipotle pepper rub, jalapeno, pepper-jack

That is not even close to half the selections. I have likely frequented the Melt about seven times in my life, and on all but one of these occasions I ordered the same thing: Fat City Burger. With a local adult beverage of course (and they have a massive list to choose from).

Served on thick slices of toasted bread, this monster features a healthy dose of salami, ham, bacon, Swiss and American. When it arrives in front of you, do not dive in. Take a couple of minutes to stare at this creation. Take a few pictures of it if you feel inclined to brag to your friends as well. After a sip from the beer glass, carefully consume the first bite as you do not want food particles to escape. With each chapter of this burger brings different tastes. On one bite, you not only get the burger, but maybe the cheese. The next bite could feature a good heap of ham or salami. Nibble on the hand-cut fries, oh they’re soooo good.

I’m ready for the chair.

April 22, 2012

Recommended to myself by a young phenom who holds the name of A.J. Lear, I was eagerly off to Mustard’s Last Stand in Melbourne, Fla. My mission carried a clear target, which was to locate a memorable hot dog. However, first I wanted to update my small brain on the historical event for which this establishment cleverly picked up its name. And how easily I forgot Custer’s Last Stand also goes by the name of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the simple fact that the Custer Battalion was defeated in the state of Montana.

After proving to myself that I truly did not learn much from history class while in school, my focus turned on the bright yet unassuming one-story structure before my eyes.  Chance of rain this day fixated on 80 percent, yet the sun beat down on the pavement and was accompanied by a steady, comforting breeze. I passed through Mustard’s outdoor seating where smiling patrons gathered, and it felt like I began entering an old beach house.

Greeted by yellow walls filled with San Francisco 49ers trading cards, a Joe Montana Notre Dame jersey and other random pictures and drawings (including a KISS action figure), I felt scrunched due to the tiny aisle way where hungry customers line up to order. I glanced at the menu board on the wall and noticed hot dogs were not the only cuisine, but Mustard’s also provided items such as chicken and sausages. Two of my unfortunate favorite adult beverages, PBR and Shock Top, sat behind the counter as well.

My sights were set on the Charley Dog – a behemoth of a dog which contained chili, melted cheese, onions and French fries on top. Following my request for a no-onion Charley Dog, I took my number and sat down where a gentlemen across from me was demolishing a foot-long while pushing cheese fries down his throat. Watching this adventure helped pass the time until my dog ventured over to my table thanks to a courtesy waitress.

Staring at my entrée allowed me to soak up the moment, only I needed to start digging in to my meal. My first attempt to pick up the hot dog resulted in fries falling off the soft bun from both directions, so I tried again and finally secured my first bite. In about three seconds, it was gone.

With Sirius XM’s AltNation playing Silversun Pickups in the speakers above, my head bobbed to the thought of ordering another. On a chalkboard near the door, I glanced at the term, “Junkyard Dog.” It appeared to be a big brother to the Charley Dog due to the addition of bacon and spicy ranch. So I went for it and I am thrilled I did.

While devouring my second dog, a thought popped into my head. “I have chili and cheese all over my hands and face. Why do I only have one napkin?” I realized this could be on purpose because it made the experience even more memorable. Once I got a tad messy, I decided to screw it and I made it my duty to be the sloppiest customer in the restaurant. After munching on the best hot dogs my stomach has ever digested, I am pretty sure I succeeded.

What You’ll Need

You don’t even need a mild appetite. As soon as you enter the aromas fill the nostrils, ultimately informing the tummy it requires more food.