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Tap RoomJanuary 2015

All of these years, I heard about how the Tap Room at Dubsdread boasted arguably the best burger in town. The awards and positive reviews kept flooding their way. So why had I never stepped foot into this establishment? I really never had an answer. Maybe it was because I’m not a “country club” type of person and I prefer menus where a Miller Lite costs less than $2 (they are $3.50 during non-happy hour times at the Tap Room).

I probably wouldn’t have trekked over in January if it was not for Jess’ ambition. So on a Saturday afternoon we jumped on to the 408 and then up I-4 to Par Street where the parking lot was jammed and cars flooded the bordering road. Understandably, golfers were everywhere, and in the Tap Room, 90 percent of its patrons were 60-years old or older. The other 10 percent consisted of a group of young basketball players from a rich, private school in town.

We patiently waited for our booth as the entrance was filled with awards and publications that the Tap Room was proud to display. I couldn’t care less. So many places have trophies or plaques but they end up being brutally bad on my taste buds. We’ll see if this place really is deserving.

I of course wanted the standard burger, which at the Tap Room is a “half-pound burger with Tillamook cheddar cheese” for $11.90. There were only four burger options outside of the patty melt and sliders, and the most expensive was the College Park Burger for $13.90, which carried bacon, avocado and jack cheese. If a meat sandwich costs more than $10, it better have more than this on the inside. But this is a country club so maybe the price is adequate.

A $12 burger with just cheese and fries hovered over to the table and its appearance did not stand out. The bun itself likely could have come from a pack from Publix. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, though. The plate simply was nothing earth-shattering like I expected.

As for the meat, I asked for it at medium temperature and that is what I received. It proved to not be as juicy as I hoped, yet the flavor still was on point. After two bites it made me think that this was a burger I cooked over a campfire, delivering a slight crust on the outside I thoroughly enjoy. I wished the cheese gave me more of a bang, so this burger should have carried two pieces instead of one.

I tried a little of Jess’ chicken sandwich as well. It gave me a scrumptious bite of grilled meat that made me want more. As for the burger, I would rank this in my top 10 in Orlando, but not in the top five. That brings me to my ultimate goal: rank my top 10 burgers in the area. Hopefully that dream of mine will be satisfied this year.


don ShulaI discovered that this blog has actually been getting daily visitors since my last post in August. Which brings the question, why are people so bored that they stumble upon my fake words of wisdom?

Either way, I wanted to at least update this cozy little blog. I don’t have an actual entry, but rather a plan.

I have written down 14 different locations that could possibly claim the title of Best Burger in Orlando. One day, my hope is to get a group to go out and purchase two (or three) standard cheeseburgers from every restaurant and bring them back to one central location. Everyone has a bite, then rates the burgers until we come up with a winner.

Here is my current list in no order whatsoever:

Burger 21

Burger FI

Burger U

B&B Junction

Burger and Beer Joint

Hamburger Mary

Graffiti Junktion

Johnny’s Filling Station

Five Guys

Dubsdread Tap Room

Avenue Gastrobar

Jimmy Hulas


Shake Shack

I am certainly open to suggestions and ideas if you leave a comment or reply to @OrmiThoughts on Twitter. Thanks and Happy Eating!

Sea DogSept. 2013

I hate admitting I like blueberry beer. My first attempt at this interesting concoction occurred in the summer of 2011, and I definitely had second guesses when I saw actual blueberries at the bottom of my frosty mug. The final result, though, certainly exceeded my expectations.

Sea Dog Blue Paw quickly crept up my list of favorite adult beverages, making its way near the bottom of my top 10. So when Sea Dog Brewing Company opened up a restaurant near the attractions in Orlando, Jess and I made it a point to try it out.

It may be located right off I-4, yet it is not the easiest to find once a restaurant-goer exits the highway. We eventually parked and walked to Sea Dog’s doors where three valet workers stood outside waiting for cars to pull up. By the looks on their faces, they were clearly not making any money tonight, and they kept eyeing the life-sized Connect Four game on the sidewalk due to their extreme boredom.

Once inside, everyone was very friendly and a live acoustic singer was proudly belting out random tunes to a small crowd. I opened up a menu and saw this fascinating item:

“Our 100% ground beef, bison and venison dusted with smoked paprika and chili powder, topped with Sea Dog blueberry BBQ sauce, bacon, and boursin cheese.”

Now, I am concerned with the fact it used an Oxford comma at the end of the description but not at the beginning. Anyway, behold the Game Changer Burger. I questioned the waitress about the legalities of serving venison since I had not seen it on a menu in forever, and she did not seem to know in some states it is illegal to serve it. So maybe it was ok since it was combined with other meats.

My feelings were so strong at diving into such a beast. This really had potential to be one of the best burgers in my lifetime. When it arrived, I wasted little time at getting messy. The sauce and cheese fluttered down my hand and on to resting tater tots below.

The burger was certainly scrumptious. I ordered it medium, and should have asked for it medium-rare knowing that venison and bison is a leaner meat compared to ground beef. So the burger ended up not being very juicy, which was a disappointment. The bacon, sauce and cheese would help to hide this a little bit, but I am starting to not enjoy bacon on a burger. If there is too much or if the bacon has a strong texture, it takes away from the flavor of the meat itself. I really hope I change my attitude, though.

I do want to return and try the Game Changer without bacon and served up medium-rare. I also would love to have this set up next to a couple of other burgers in Orlando to get a better sense of who has the best in town.