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Taking a Break

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Randomness

Although I posted on FB about this, I forgot to update the blog. Due to a discouraging blood test I had recently, I’m trying to cut back on the fatty foods. So the blog, as well as Best Burger in Orlando, once again is taking a break.


CFASummer 2014

My favorite question of all-time had to be asked for this page. So this summer I felt like it was time.

So…what would be your last meal  if you faced the chair (or these days a table that involves a long drawn-out procedure)?

I received some fascinating answers, some were very passionate which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. My last meal would be:

-Massive pile of Chick-fil-A waffle fries

-My homemade grilled ribs (taught to me by my father)

-Burger from a campfire grill

-Jess’ mac and cheese

-Mother’s lasagna

-Mother’s buckeyes


With that said, here are some other responses…


If homemade is allowed … Mashed potatoes, peas, gravy and roast beef. If restaurant, 10 original wings all wings no drums from Duffy’s with a side of fries. For dessert, I want Killer chocolate cake from Toojays and a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Chicken fried steak smothered in gravy with really crispy hash browns or tots, LOTS OF ICE CREAM, my favorite Spanish ham jamon serrano and I’m not sure what else…I’d need to see a menu


There would almost assuredly be baby back ribs or pork spare ribs … I won’t be picky there. I would also require cornbread (or perhaps spoonbread) with honey. A twice-baked potato would go very well with this, as well.

I would definitely need an appetizer or two. Let’s go with buffalo wings and some bacon-wrapped scaollops

I see no need for vegetables, as this will be my last meal

I would like a bottomless mug of throwback (real sugar) Mountain Dew. Again … last meal, who cares about calories?

If I can order dessert, I would go with a crème brulee!


Combining styles of food here: grilled lobster tail, bbq ribs and some corn.


Surf N Turf at its finest, steak and lobster tails

Appetizer Trio of the most mouth-watering comfort food – wings, tenders, burger

Desert of ice cream cake

Wash it all down with a big Slurpee


My last meal would include homemade chicken and noodles, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, turkey, two dill pickles, cauliflower and a handful of blueberries with sweet tea to drink.

For dessert, I’d have a chocolate cake with whipped cream for frosting and strawberries on top.


Two plates of five flapjacks delivered by Bonnie herself (from Uncle John’s in Toledo)…with maple syrup and a splash of boysenberry.


Jessica’s incredible meatloaf and green beans with mushrooms.


Seafood stuffed lobster with a side of king crab legs, fries and some pizza with bacon, sausage and pepperoni


I have been pondering over this every time I see your email …..  and its left me perplexed!!  I am not quite sure, out of all my favorite foods, what I would want for my last meal!

It would probably have to be some sort of pasta.  Hand made.  If we’re going with comfort food I’m gonna go with a nice plate of gnocchi (potato pasta) with butter and grated cheese.  ….. and a nice big fat juicy cheeseburger to go with it.  That would be my last meal!

Ok so maybe that was easier than I thought when I finally made myself just think about it! simple but delicious, to me J


Guac and chips.

My mom’s baked ziti; parmesan garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, and a piece of cedar plank salmon

A chocolate chip cookie in a skillet with some vanilla ice cream on top with caramel and chocolate sauce.


non-fatty piece of prime ribe with horseradish/sour creme dipping sauce on side

tomato basil soup, extra creamy

shellfish platter – jumbo shrimp, scallops, crab

piece of carrot cake



Home made chicken enchiladas with white rice. Chips and queso (that’s cheese in spanish) from Tijuana Flats.


Salad from Olive Garden, Mac & Cheese with salmon from Macaroni Grill with their bread and breadsticks from Olive Garden and alfredo sauce.


Just a bowl of Captain Crunch for the road cause I hear the food is way better in heaven.


Buffalo Wild Wings Asian zing traditional wings.


Ice cream, calamari, lasagna or baked chicken or grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and a whole lot of vegetables.


Jessica’s chicken parmesan, my mom’s fudge sundae pie

Well, OK definitely not the big time considering my so-called friends are having fun with me at my own expense. But I have to look at this positively and say that Toast My Buns received coverage in the Orlando Sentinel.

In this photo gallery, check out No. 11. So what if they make fun of it, this is really the highest point this blog will ever get to.,0,


Hot Dog SteinsWinter 2014

Somehow I never knew about Frank and Steins in downtown Orlando. My first visit opened my eyes to the joys and wonder of a great beer menu and food that attacks the heart in seconds. And of course it had table shuffleboard – how I longed to find a local establishment with this addicting game.

Add in the fact that Happy Hour runs from 3-7 p.m. and includes half off selected drafts and hot dogs, and Frank and Steins had the chance to be one of my perfect eateries.

With some friendly board games on the table, I ordered up the chili cheese frank and not surprisingly I downed it in seconds. Albeit I needed 14 napkins to accomplish the task. It was a solid dog but unfortunately not too impressive for a restaurant which brags about its franks. I could easily make this chili cheese concoction from my home.

But I still enjoyed the visit to Frank and Steins, sparking a second one with friends from Chicago. This time, however, I realized I might not be making a return trip any time soon. Service was painstakingly slow, from switching a TV to a game we wanted to watch, to taking our food order, to providing us our beverages. And all of our meals did not do anything for the soul as they simply just took up space in our bellies.

To top it off, we were still using our table directly next to our shuffleboard game when our waitress decided we were done with it and started seating new customers in our place, even though there were empty tables elsewhere and no line to get in. Thankfully it only took close to 30 minutes from the time we asked for our check until we actually got it. I like to tip well, but this time I have to be honest, I did not.

It takes a lot for me to have a negative opinion about a restaurant, but with so much hope for Frank and Steins, I was certainly disappointed. What did not help my opinion was that after my second visit, we ventured over to The Lodge and barely spent a thing compared to how much Frank and Steins charges for adult beverages during regular business hours.

East Coast  WingsWinter 2014

There is a little stretch of real estate loaded with fancy little plazas on the west side of Alafaya Trail near Waterford Lakes. I appreciate some of the establishments such as the 24-hour Walmart market (even though I hate Walmart), Taco Bell and auto mechanics. I like knowing they all exist, but by the time I drive by I just want to keep going since home is just a couple more miles away.

So when a new restaurant was taking up shop in a corner of one of the buildings, I immediately figured my feet would never step inside. What would this place offer that I cannot get anywhere else? Orlando has it all! Well, except for Meijer.

And then I saw the sign: East Coast Wings. Interesting. I could consider helping a local business, only East Coast Wings proved to definitely not be local, rather it is a chain up along (you guessed it) the East Coast. Bummer.

I decided to do a little more research of the menu and determined I needed to stop in. I wanted everything that did not have onions. Burgers, queso items, sandwiches, desserts, craft beer. Yes please!

And even wings.

So many wings.

Sitting in a filled booth of friends, we started up with a Fresh Sliced Basket of Chips for $4.99 and did not get them flavored. Upon snacking, I knew that the next visit will require the Bottomless Basket of Fresh Sliced Potato Chips for just $1.50 more. They were gone quickly.

I was hesitant on actually ordering wings because I am very picky and 90% of restaurants’ wings I believe are pathetic. Yet I could not turn away from the 75 different flavors East Coast Wings provided. I had to ask the server if he could simply bring out all the sauces and I would suck ‘em down. I would be perfectly happy to call that my dinner.

Instead, we ordered the Chester’s Wing Sampler – “Fresh, never frozen jumbo wings with a maximum of 4 flavors added. Choose from boneless or bone-in wings” for $24.99. Along with the original version, we struggled on deciding the other flavors. But the server did bring out a few cups of sauces for us (me) to drink. In all, we tried flavors such as bacon ranch, spiked bourbon, garlic parmesan, aspen and smokey bbq. They listed the sauces very nicely where I did not have too many questions, but I should have gone for a dry rub selection as well.

I gorged myself. The platter of wings were an eyeful of heaven, and I wanted to lick the bowl if it was socially acceptable. My heart skipped a couple beats, signifying this was not a good idea yet I just kept it going with an adult beverage. That made me feel better.

Next trip, I will get even more wings. Or pub pretzels. Or a bacon cheeseburger quesadilla. Or a pizzadilla. Or ribs. Or……

Wedding DinnerSpring 2014

Wedding season has begun in 2014, and I was very honored to attend the special day of Michael O’Keefe and Kristen Jackson at Disney’s Shades of Green. It provided a fantastic location and plenty of great photo opportunities for the lovely couple.

However, my main focus was on what food items they planned to serve me.

Once I sat down I gazed at the menu on the table and I instantly became delighted…and hungry. Michael and Kristen clearly thought of me when they made their selections.

I said screw the salad and those green beans, bring me the meat! Well, maybe those words were not uttered, but I turned aside the leafy greens and shoved the beans around the plate because the objects I desired were:

-Petit filet of beef filled with boursin cheese and red wine sauce

-Seared breast of chicken with mustard sauce

-Mashed potatoes

I love the word seared. It should be used a lot more in the food world.

The beef and chicken hit the spot after an hour of hors d’oeuvres and perfect booze (I tipped enough where I did not have any money left in my wallet). Both proved to be juicy and flavorful, and I could have downed a couple more helpings. Yet dessert was waiting.

I definitely did not go for the lemon wedding cake, but dove in to the chocolate and vanilla marble cake with amaretto and hazelnut filling and butter cream frosting. Late-night cookies were a dynamic touch as well, but I should have learned to pair the desserts up with a better drink than just Sam Adams.

The only change I would make to the dinner portion of service was to have had each server manage one table by themselves and they would ask 10 trivia questions to entertain us while we ate. Oh, and have an adult ball pit.

Donut KingAug. 2013

On an unassuming, lightly commercialized, 6-lane highway west of Orlando sits an intimate building with some tiny shops I never would think twice about. Yet at one end of this building boasts an old-fashioned, ugly sign that made me think this establishment was booming in the 1980s, and in no way was in operation today. However it certainly was far from a struggling business.

“Donut King.”

I loved it.

Even the name on the sign was phenomenally normal. It certainly didn’t leave anything to the imagination though. When I pranced inside the door, I was actually greeted by not only the fresh bakery smell, but several glorious surprises as well.

A few seats for patrons lingered to the right, straight ahead was a simple sign offering up goodies such as chicken, burgers, fish, you name it. And on the left, an endless supply of delicious donuts. In the display case up front, even more donuts. Not just the standard variety, but “King Donuts” the size of watermelons. All I wanted to do was to shove my face in everything.

Donut KingDetermining what donuts I wanted proved more difficult than avoiding awkward drunks downtown on Orange Avenue, so we let a few people go ahead of us. I only anticipated getting two for myself and two for Jessica. Finally the lady behind the register asked what we wanted.

“I’d like a dozen please,” I said, and proceeded to drool on myself.

For just under $8, we got donuts such as (almost all non-cake donuts, but the yeast rings):
-Cinnamon Sugar
-Powdered Sugar
-Chocolate Frosted
-Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate Half and Half
-Chocolate Sprinkle
-Colorful Chocolate Sprinkle

The other two were a filled donut and some other chocolate desirable. I went straight for the chocolate frosted as that is the No. 1 variety I use to determine who has the best donuts in the land. One bite proved comforting and within seconds it was gone. Not the greatest donut ever, but it certainly ranked in my top five. Next up was the Oreo edition, and that too rested in my stomach after a couple of mega bites. I then nibbled on the chocolate chip, which came out on top as my favorite of them all.

With Donut King located 45 minutes from home, my cholesterol benefits from it being somewhat far away. But if I am ever in the Clermont area again, another box of donuts will quickly make its way on to my credit card.

Now where is the Alka-Seltzer?