Best Burger in Orlando – Test of Five Guys

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Burgers
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June 10, 2016

Five Guys – Regular Cheeseburger

Ok, yeah, this is easily the best reviewer ever and most of us know that. I’ll come back to this…

I never heard of Five Guys when it moved into Waterford Lakes but I liked it immediately. However, I’ve stayed away from it for quite some time now.  I just simply think it’s not worth what it costs, especially since fries are extra.

Although almost everyone couldn’t visit Five Guys with us on May 25, a couple of us were able to give it another little taste, and a few others went by themselves (I still am accepting votes). I’ve been quite surprised how many people say this is the best burger, and ask the question, “Five Guys or In-n-Out Burger?” The answer for me is neither.

Watching the above video, it’s one of the most awesome things in the world to watch. For me, though, I guess I’m more sophisticated when reviewing a burger  (I say that knowing I usually have cheese all over my face when eating one). Maybe because my standards are really high for every meat patty.

Five Guys is a comfy establishment that caters to the casual eater especially with the free peanuts and delicious fries. The menu is very simple as a cheeseburger is really a double.

IMG_4266I got the standard cheeseburger and I could see it oozing with fat when I opened the wrapper. As Bill said, “The regular cheeseburger is just too much so the little bacon burger is the perfect meat to toppings ratio.” I agreed, but I devoured my burger which had some mustard and A-1 sauce on it.

Cooking it on a flat top hurts the taste so I wasn’t overwhelmed with the texture and juiciness. The bun was a flop as I could have purchased it at any supermarket, and they didn’t do anything to it when forming the burger.

It’s easy to see why a lot of people crave Five Guys if they love a slight flat-top crispiness to the outside of the meat, and how you can pour a ton of toppings on as well. For me, I still need an actual grill and a medium-rare slap in the face.


Reminder of the rules:

The voting categories: Appearance & Toppings, Bun, Juiciness/Meat, Overall Taste

Rank each category from 1-5 with 5 being the best. You can go 4.5 if you like. I will average out all the rankings to get a final number for the establishment.


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