Orlando Burger Extravaganza – A Plan

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Burgers
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don ShulaI discovered that this blog has actually been getting daily visitors since my last post in August. Which brings the question, why are people so bored that they stumble upon my fake words of wisdom?

Either way, I wanted to at least update this cozy little blog. I don’t have an actual entry, but rather a plan.

I have written down 14 different locations that could possibly claim the title of Best Burger in Orlando. One day, my hope is to get a group to go out and purchase two (or three) standard cheeseburgers from every restaurant and bring them back to one central location. Everyone has a bite, then rates the burgers until we come up with a winner.

Here is my current list in no order whatsoever:

Burger 21

Burger FI

Burger U

B&B Junction

Burger and Beer Joint

Hamburger Mary

Graffiti Junktion

Johnny’s Filling Station

Five Guys

Dubsdread Tap Room

Avenue Gastrobar

Jimmy Hulas


Shake Shack

I am certainly open to suggestions and ideas if you leave a comment or reply to @OrmiThoughts on Twitter. Thanks and Happy Eating!

  1. Bill says:

    Few burgers will stand up after transport to a central location, not to mention some burgers require more than a bite to be fully appreciated. I suggest a new plan, I’ll send my four fastest ships, one in each direction.. Wait.. Ok, so we start a Bi-weekly Burger Bonanza!!

    Update that list (B&B Joint is closed etc.), choose a day of the week and time for a bunch of people to meet up at a location. Burgers and tastebuds alike are both complex so I think your basic categories hold up regardless of which burger is ordered or how its dressed. I would also like to see a “bun” category as I agree this can make or break a burger and the only way to acknowledge it currently is under overall taste.

    It could be an excuse to get together with others and ultimately create a thorough index of local burgers. Allow people who cannot attend any given week to visit the establishment on their own time and submit a rating. It’ll be like that party at your house, except it will be in public and more often!! Go Meat!

    • toastmybuns says:

      Hello Mr. Bill haha

      This was definitely the initial idea for determining best burger. Yeah this list is certainly old and I agree we can’t all bring burgers to one location. I’ve been hopeful to have burger events across the city and whoever can make it, great! If they go another time, great! In due time I do hope to start planning these. First step would be to create a list of best places and we can go from there eh.

      A bun category is a MUST for sure. I will add that.

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