Angus Burger with Garlic Fries from Burger U – Orlando, Fla.

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Burgers
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Burger USummer 2014

Situated on the UCF campus where the rent is high and foot traffic on normal days can be minimal, Burger U became yet another burger joint in the area. At first places like BurgerFi and Five Guys were all the talk in Orlando (based on my own personal mind), and national stories were running on how burger joints are perfect given the American economy at the time.

So even more burger spots have opened up, and while I appreciate a good meat sandwich, the market is inundated with places like Burger 21, BurgerFi, Five Guys, Burger & Beer Joint, B&B Junction, Beth’s Burger Bar, Burger Bar and so much more.

Burger U is in that category. New to the campus scene, it offers a similar setup to its previous tenant, Tailgaters, as it has a nice little bar, outdoor seating and TVs everywhere. The good thing for Burger U is that it is more focused on its food rather than the beer (when most of the population living near you is under 21 and you’re on a college campus, the beer selection should definitely take a back seat).

Maybe it is because I’ve tried a bunch of burgers lately or that I was more focused on the United States’ World Cup match on the tube, the angus burger with cheddar cheese I ordered up did not hit the spot. Add to it the garlic fries and I immediately began having heartburn. Everything was very greasy, especially the fries. The good part was that the cost of the burger alone was only about $5.

I did have a sample of regular fries from a friend and they were much better, so that did help my attitude. But my desire to try another burger is not very strong. However, even though food is first and foremost here, the adult beverage selections were pretty desirable.


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