Comeback Burger from Cask & Larder – Winter Park, Fla.

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Burgers
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Cask and LarderSummer 2014

First of all, I am not a big fan of Winter Park because it serves those who are above the lower-middle class like me. However, there are some fine establishments offering killer menu items, and splurging is not a bad thing if done properly.

One of these joints is Cask & Larder. Get rid of that dinner menu which features words like “sunburst trout” and “redeye hanger” and give me that late-night option. With only four entrees to choose from, I certainly approve, especially of the Comeback Burger.

For $12, one acquires a double pork burger with bacon, cheddar, pickle (gross), comeback sauce (smooth) and beer battered onion rings (gross) on a toasted bun all with a side of barbecue-spiced fries served in a modern-style cup outlined by a wine menu.

One bite and all the flavors hit me at once. Will the enjoyable taste persist, or just get bland after awhile? A few more shoves into my mouth and I kept wanting more, if only my stomach would have allowed it. The kitchen cooked it to perfection and the seasoning was just right.

It’s upsetting to know that this burger is only available after dinner hours, but maybe that’s what made this feel special. Or maybe it was the $3 house beers they offered late night as well. Either way I need another go at this one in order to rank this as one of the best burgers in Orlando.

(Mediocre shout out to Doug Richards for the recommendation)


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