Matt’s Chicken Dance from Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon – North Olmstead, Ohio

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Sandwiches
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Fat Heads

June 2014

Finding a great dining location in the Cleveland area is a rather simple chore. However it is also quite a task due to the vast number of places to get fat quickly.

After I visited the Melt Bar and Grilled for my annual burger and discovering that it is no longer on the menu while it also does not grill the meat anymore, I was on the hunt to find a new favorite eatery. And I found a couple of them.

I trekked to a couple of places in Ohio City just west of downtown and Town Hall really impressed me. But the next day I found myself inside the walls of Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon in the west suburbs of Cleveland. Maneuvering around brew masters to get to the table, Fat Head’s featured a very roomy atmosphere with plenty of space to sit and relax, play pool, test your skills at darts, try a few of their house-made craft beers or simply watch a game.

The one thing I could not figure out was what to order. I have never appreciated long, huge menus. Until now.

Burgers, ribs, wings, sandwiches, subs, pizza, out of controlness. And upon gazing at others’ plates, the helpings were massive. So I settled on Matt’s Chicken Dance, a chargrilled chicken breast coated in spicy-parm sauce, topped with an over-easy egg, sharp cheddar and hot pepper mayo. It included house-cut chips for $10.99.

Fat Heads2And what a mess it became. It started smooth but then provided a great texture from the egg and then a steamy finish with the spicy kick. Every bite proved magnificent. The chips were just alright, and I discovered the fries were a better way to go.

For adult beverages, all of their beers come with great pairing combinations. And based on the walls they have won a lot of awards for their concoctions, which I could give a damn because I do not want others to tell me what’s good. I will decide for myself if it’s legit.

My next trip to Cleveland will definitely include a return visit. And I cannot wait.


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