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Well, OK definitely not the big time considering my so-called friends are having fun with me at my own expense. But I have to look at this positively and say that Toast My Buns received coverage in the Orlando Sentinel.

In this photo gallery, check out No. 11. So what if they make fun of it, this is really the highest point this blog will ever get to.,0,



Hot Dog SteinsWinter 2014

Somehow I never knew about Frank and Steins in downtown Orlando. My first visit opened my eyes to the joys and wonder of a great beer menu and food that attacks the heart in seconds. And of course it had table shuffleboard – how I longed to find a local establishment with this addicting game.

Add in the fact that Happy Hour runs from 3-7 p.m. and includes half off selected drafts and hot dogs, and Frank and Steins had the chance to be one of my perfect eateries.

With some friendly board games on the table, I ordered up the chili cheese frank and not surprisingly I downed it in seconds. Albeit I needed 14 napkins to accomplish the task. It was a solid dog but unfortunately not too impressive for a restaurant which brags about its franks. I could easily make this chili cheese concoction from my home.

But I still enjoyed the visit to Frank and Steins, sparking a second one with friends from Chicago. This time, however, I realized I might not be making a return trip any time soon. Service was painstakingly slow, from switching a TV to a game we wanted to watch, to taking our food order, to providing us our beverages. And all of our meals did not do anything for the soul as they simply just took up space in our bellies.

To top it off, we were still using our table directly next to our shuffleboard game when our waitress decided we were done with it and started seating new customers in our place, even though there were empty tables elsewhere and no line to get in. Thankfully it only took close to 30 minutes from the time we asked for our check until we actually got it. I like to tip well, but this time I have to be honest, I did not.

It takes a lot for me to have a negative opinion about a restaurant, but with so much hope for Frank and Steins, I was certainly disappointed. What did not help my opinion was that after my second visit, we ventured over to The Lodge and barely spent a thing compared to how much Frank and Steins charges for adult beverages during regular business hours.