Chester’s Wing Sampler from East Coast Wings – Orlando Fla.

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Randomness
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East Coast  WingsWinter 2014

There is a little stretch of real estate loaded with fancy little plazas on the west side of Alafaya Trail near Waterford Lakes. I appreciate some of the establishments such as the 24-hour Walmart market (even though I hate Walmart), Taco Bell and auto mechanics. I like knowing they all exist, but by the time I drive by I just want to keep going since home is just a couple more miles away.

So when a new restaurant was taking up shop in a corner of one of the buildings, I immediately figured my feet would never step inside. What would this place offer that I cannot get anywhere else? Orlando has it all! Well, except for Meijer.

And then I saw the sign: East Coast Wings. Interesting. I could consider helping a local business, only East Coast Wings proved to definitely not be local, rather it is a chain up along (you guessed it) the East Coast. Bummer.

I decided to do a little more research of the menu and determined I needed to stop in. I wanted everything that did not have onions. Burgers, queso items, sandwiches, desserts, craft beer. Yes please!

And even wings.

So many wings.

Sitting in a filled booth of friends, we started up with a Fresh Sliced Basket of Chips for $4.99 and did not get them flavored. Upon snacking, I knew that the next visit will require the Bottomless Basket of Fresh Sliced Potato Chips for just $1.50 more. They were gone quickly.

I was hesitant on actually ordering wings because I am very picky and 90% of restaurants’ wings I believe are pathetic. Yet I could not turn away from the 75 different flavors East Coast Wings provided. I had to ask the server if he could simply bring out all the sauces and I would suck ‘em down. I would be perfectly happy to call that my dinner.

Instead, we ordered the Chester’s Wing Sampler – “Fresh, never frozen jumbo wings with a maximum of 4 flavors added. Choose from boneless or bone-in wings” for $24.99. Along with the original version, we struggled on deciding the other flavors. But the server did bring out a few cups of sauces for us (me) to drink. In all, we tried flavors such as bacon ranch, spiked bourbon, garlic parmesan, aspen and smokey bbq. They listed the sauces very nicely where I did not have too many questions, but I should have gone for a dry rub selection as well.

I gorged myself. The platter of wings were an eyeful of heaven, and I wanted to lick the bowl if it was socially acceptable. My heart skipped a couple beats, signifying this was not a good idea yet I just kept it going with an adult beverage. That made me feel better.

Next trip, I will get even more wings. Or pub pretzels. Or a bacon cheeseburger quesadilla. Or a pizzadilla. Or ribs. Or……


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