Pajama Burger – Just Add Egg Since It’s The Thing To Do These Days

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Burgers
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Pajama BurgerJanuary 2014

Practically every burger-type establishment now has a choice on its menu to order one with an egg as a topping. The burger likely will have a name to it like Morning Glory or Sunny Side Up Burger. It makes me think of people everywhere attempting to develop their own creation with all sorts of toppings, hoping to find a magical blend of meat, spices and other edibles.

I am certainly guilty of this endeavor, and do not have my own personalized burger…yet. I do love adding deli meat, however I cannot take credit for that idea.

I was late to the egg party, simply because I rarely consume the product. If I want to eat something from a chicken, damn it I am going to annihilate the white meat, not something coming from its undercarriage. But I eventually tried it on top of a burger and I was surprised at the texture it provided. It did not give a huge eggy taste, just complimented the sandwich in an elegant way.

So we whipped up a couple of these burgers on the grill at home and as I type I decided to name them Pajama Burgers in order to fit in with modern society. This was, though, the first time I had an egg with a hardened yolk instead of a runny center. If securing that eggy taste is your thing, covering the egg as its cooking is a marvelous idea to keep the yolk from escaping down the sides of the burger.

For an easy burger with a little flair to it, adding an egg is perfect. But next time maybe I will get some sliced chicken to decorate the meat instead. Mixing the animals for a burger I guess is my thing.

What You’ll Need

Hamburger buns (or two slices of toasted white bread)

80/20 hamburger

Cheese of your choice


The Steps

1)      Form patties – for one pound of beef you should be able to make four burgers

2)      Start cooking the meat, about four minutes per side on the grill over high heat

3)      As the burgers get going, get the eggs going in a pan – for a hardened egg yolk, cover the eggs

4)      When all done, put it all together with a slice of cheese and begin munching


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