Percy Burger from Percy Street Barbecue – Philadelphia, Pa.

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Burgers
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Percy BurgerFall 2013

(I can’t believe the amount of people who demanded me to update my blog. You’re all stupid. But I apologize for few entries since the UCF football season started.)

Walking the streets of Philadelphia one night in November, my belly ached. The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall may have provided me inspiration on an intellectual level, but the real attraction in the City of Brotherly Love was of course food. And there were so many options to take care of that tummy issue.

A follower in a group of about eight people, we marched to the doors of Percy Street Barbecue. An unassuming but nice three-story brick building, the restaurant’s entrance is off South Street, with Percy Street serving as a back alley which if one checks out Google Maps’ Street View option they will find two happy individuals I would love to learn more about. It was pretty dark inside but the bar to the left definitely offered up several options for the adult customer, including massive amounts of bourbon and whiskey. And on the menu, it prides itself by stating, “We have the country’s largest selection of craft cans!”

Craft cans? Sure, I guess.

Once I took my seat on a moveable bench that screamed, “One move and your face will eat the table,” I stared at every “craft can” option before deciding on a Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale since it was from nearby Pottstown, Pa. And also because it was one of the cheapest available.

I gulped that baby faster than a $1 PBR at Lazy Moon. It served as a great liquid appetizer before my Percy Burger. I am confident I had not attempted a house-ground brisket patty before, so I was skeptical about the Percy especially since I tend to push away brisket for other barbecue items.

I am skeptical no more. Charcoal grilled with a slice of American, the Percy Burger hit the spot – juicy and cooked to perfection, with the slight crisp of the outside blending well with the flavorful meat inside. I immediately declared I will need to return for a second helping because this had the chance of securing a definite spot among my top five burgers of all-time (which is a list that has just two for sure, and three spots that fluctuate). I cannot include it yet because my rules stipulate I need to inhale something at least twice in order for it to officially become a favorite.

My lone argument about Percy Street Barbecue is that it contains one of my pet peeves: sides are extra. Bogus. I demand a free side with all burgers at a sit-down establishment!


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