Donut King – Minneola, Fla.

Posted: August 18, 2013 in Randomness
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Donut KingAug. 2013

On an unassuming, lightly commercialized, 6-lane highway west of Orlando sits an intimate building with some tiny shops I never would think twice about. Yet at one end of this building boasts an old-fashioned, ugly sign that made me think this establishment was booming in the 1980s, and in no way was in operation today. However it certainly was far from a struggling business.

“Donut King.”

I loved it.

Even the name on the sign was phenomenally normal. It certainly didn’t leave anything to the imagination though. When I pranced inside the door, I was actually greeted by not only the fresh bakery smell, but several glorious surprises as well.

A few seats for patrons lingered to the right, straight ahead was a simple sign offering up goodies such as chicken, burgers, fish, you name it. And on the left, an endless supply of delicious donuts. In the display case up front, even more donuts. Not just the standard variety, but “King Donuts” the size of watermelons. All I wanted to do was to shove my face in everything.

Donut KingDetermining what donuts I wanted proved more difficult than avoiding awkward drunks downtown on Orange Avenue, so we let a few people go ahead of us. I only anticipated getting two for myself and two for Jessica. Finally the lady behind the register asked what we wanted.

“I’d like a dozen please,” I said, and proceeded to drool on myself.

For just under $8, we got donuts such as (almost all non-cake donuts, but the yeast rings):
-Cinnamon Sugar
-Powdered Sugar
-Chocolate Frosted
-Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate Half and Half
-Chocolate Sprinkle
-Colorful Chocolate Sprinkle

The other two were a filled donut and some other chocolate desirable. I went straight for the chocolate frosted as that is the No. 1 variety I use to determine who has the best donuts in the land. One bite proved comforting and within seconds it was gone. Not the greatest donut ever, but it certainly ranked in my top five. Next up was the Oreo edition, and that too rested in my stomach after a couple of mega bites. I then nibbled on the chocolate chip, which came out on top as my favorite of them all.

With Donut King located 45 minutes from home, my cholesterol benefits from it being somewhat far away. But if I am ever in the Clermont area again, another box of donuts will quickly make its way on to my credit card.

Now where is the Alka-Seltzer?


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