Nachos Served in a Baseball Helmet from Jacobs Field – Cleveland, Ohio

Posted: July 6, 2013 in Randomness
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Nacho2(I still call it The Jake)

June 2013

Easily my favorite food at a ballgame comes in the form of nachos. Crisp, hearty, flavorful, cheesy nachos. I stay away from jalapenos and salsa. I just like buckets of cheese on my nachos.

And my favorite ballpark in the world is Jacobs Field. So combining the two results in a state of pure bliss for my body, soul and stomach

The nachos at The Jake are pretty standard, as is the cheese. And 25% of the time the nachos end up being a tad stale. They taste good no matter what though due to the environment in which they are devoured.

Upon my visit back to the park in June, I noticed my eyes light up when I discovered that this year’s nachos received a different twist: you can get them served in a replica Indians helmet. My heart fluttered. And within moments, my brother Russ acquired this adventure for me. Good thing because the Tribe put on a rather lackluster performance against the Rays in an 11-3 loss, so these nachos really stole the show.

And I wasn’t the only one with this behemoth. It looked like half of the left-field bleachers cheerfully dipped into a nacho helmet. From the outside, it appeared as though it was a standard amount of nachos, but it seemed like it kept regenerating itself the more I inhaled it. And I am pretty sure I drank a full gallon of cheese during my quest to finish, which I did not even though I had plenty of help.

For any ballpark meal, I usually go with either nachos, a hot dog if it’s dollar dog night or chicken fingers with fries. Out of all of the burgers I have gulped down inside stadiums, I do not recall any being that yummy. So I stick with what works.

If I get a replica helmet to boot, that will most definitely work for a long time.


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