Chili Cheese Dog, Cheeseburger and Fries from The Varsity – Atlanta, Ga.

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Burgers
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Varsity2Baseball Road Trip Day One – May 2013

Checking in to a famous eatery always gives me goose bumps, especially one in which I had seen on TV or read about online on numerous occasions. Pulling up to The Varsity, I thought we might be entering a giant mall due to the parking garage and swarms of people middling about. And the building itself seemed to take on a life of its own. All of this for some fast food? I could not open the car door fast enough.

After I wanted to get a picture of myself by the street sign, we entered a world of flavors and aromas. We also entered a scene out of the movie “Trading Places” since there were piles of people everywhere as if they were trying to buy and sell commodities. Thankfully, we were Valentine and Louis, reaping all the benefits in the end.

“What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?!”

The workers at the registers belted this question out routinely, which made me think from watching TV there might be a special way to order (I later found the instructions on a sign in the dining area). I decided to just focus on what I wanted, because I kept thinking about how much money this trip will cost. Yet at the same time how often do I make visits to legendary eateries?

Varsity1Looking over the 1,324 lines of people waiting to order, I determined a chili cheese dog and a cheeseburger were the way to go. I will save money by getting a cup of water. Jess, meanwhile, settled with a simple cheeseburger and we would share the hand-cut fries. Upon delivery of the food at the counter, we then stumbled about, noticing tons of rooms where patrons were burying their faces in grease. I especially loved the classroom with school desks. I kind of wanted to eat in there to make it feel like I was sneaking in a snack while the teacher bored me to death, unless they were discussing geography.

We grabbed a booth instead and gorged ourselves. I honestly thought I would be strongly impacted by the taste. However, the food was simple and original. The hot dog easily defeated the cheeseburger, and I may even say the fries beat them both. The Varsity presented itself the way fast food should: items thrown together and mildly-small portions. Except for the fries as I could not get enough of them.

The experience, though, left me wanting to return. Although I do not know when that next trip might be since Atlanta appears to offer up several delicious adventures. The odds are, I will try The Vortex next.


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