4 Course Dinner – Colorado Fondue Company, Casselberry, Fla.

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Randomness
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Cheese FondueVisited: May 13, 2013

We planned on going more than a year ago. I even typed “Colorado Fondue Company” in my notes on my phone to remember. After months of visiting other high-quality, as well as disappointing, food destinations, we finally made the crappy trek from Waterford to Casselberry to gorge ourselves in cheese and meat.

Doing a little research online just to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into (my only experience with fondue was a New Year’s Eve get-together which ultimately led me to leave early), I clicked around the Colorado Fondue Company website and noticed this fancy little deal:


4 Course Dinner for two only $46

(Every Sunday-Thursday)

That’s your choice of salad or soup,

Cheese Fondue Appetizer

Platter with Sirloin, Chicken & Shrimp along with fresh baked bread,

mixed vegetables, pasta, potatoes and perogies

Chocolate Fondue Dessert

Meat FondueI first wondered why were certain words capitalized and why others were not. Looking past the grammaticalness of the menu, I realized this was a damn lovely special, though.  It needed to happen.

Expecting the restaurant to be in a stand-alone structure, I noticed that it cozied itself into a virtually-abandoned shopping center. The décor on the outside, and then on the inside, made me desire for a log-cabin house. I loved it. For a Monday, the aura of the place resembled a bingo hall in that everyone was anxious for what was to come next. But in this situation, everyone walked out a winner (that might be the corniest line I have ever typed out, which makes me remember that I ran out of corn on the cob the other night and I am still disappointed).

The friendly waiter explained the situation to Jess and I, upon which I got to the important part in ordering my beer. A short time later and he rumbled out with big bowl of steaming cheese along with a tray of nacho chips, vegetables, fruits and bread pieces. The munching was on.

To at least say I had my fruits and vegetables for the day, I covered a piece of broccoli and apple in three layers of cheese and gulped them down.  I wanted more. And more I got.

Up next was the display of sirloin, chicken and shrimp, set next to a black rock. The waiter also provided us with a bowl full of who knows what that contained random food particles. We only used this to boil our perogies and potatoes. I thought it was kind of gross for some reason.

But the cooking stone (he was kind enough to explain it to us, but of course I do not remember how it worked except for the fact that it was really hot) delivered in every single way. The sirloin and chicken provided a ton of taste, and I loved having control over the cooking process. And I got to eat all of the sirloin since I dumped all the shrimp on her. I’ll stick with the moo-cows thank you.

To wrap up the experience, and the fact we already loaded our tummies with enough steamy goodness, we took our chocolate fondue dessert home and demolished every bit of it.

While the total cost of the dinner was pricey, if you stick with this special and not get the dessert as well as alcoholic beverages, the check that will arrive will only run $36. I certainly recommend this trip a couple times of year, maybe more.


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