Chocolate Devotion – Cold Stone Creamery

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Randomness
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Cold StoneSpring 2013

Three people and a $15 gift card. That should deliver a mouth-watering night of tasty ice cream for all involved. And on this night near Melbourne Beach on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I wanted chocolate badly.

Cold Stone Creamery served as the destination, so I immediately knew $15 would not cover three simple bowls of ice cream. My first visit to a Cold Stone a bunch of years ago was a nice little experience as I had not seen ice cream created in such a unique way in front of the customer. It quickly wore off due to the prices. For some reason ice cream tastes better when I get it from a $3 carton. Well, the reason for me is clear: tons more ice cream for almost half the cost.

A standard ice cream parlor (am I old for using that word or is parlor still a current term?) gives the choice between how much ice cream you want from the tubs in front of you and if you want a bowl or a cone. Cold Stone displays a menu which caused me to struggle with what I wanted. There were way too many options. Finally I settled on a bowl of Chocolate Devotion.

It had everything I love. Chocolate ice cream. Chocolate chips. Brownies. Fudge. However, the ice-cream maker or whatever you call the server was so monotone and unhelpful that I should have paid attention to what she was creating. In my first bite it was as if I just inhaled an entire bag of chocolate chip morsels. I did not see them, but boy were they in there. The ice cream was rich and the brownie bits mixed up the texture, yet I could not finish the average-sized bowl of dairy product.

I will stick with that $3 carton when possible.


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