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MeltOne year ago. I became the proud father to a food blog this day in 2012 when I posted my first entry. It will easily go down as one of the highlights of my entire life. Is that sad? Of course.

A lot has entered my belly in the last 365 days. Mostly good, but sometimes disturbing. And yet every item that has slithered down into my tummy has created a story to tell. From the Baked Parmesan and Herb Chicken to the ultimate food survey, the blog has for sure served as an inspiration to about three people (if I’m lucky).

As for year No. 2, I anticipate blogging about the happiest place on earth. And I am certainly not talking about Disney, but Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland. This grilled cheese joint is my version of heaven (as the picture demonstrates). I also would love to do another survey or even reach out to get another guest columnist or two.

Thank you to everyone who has made this such a special place for me to share my thoughts on how to achieve a heart attack at an early age. With watery eyes as I type, I am extremely giddy to think about what lies ahead for Toast My Buns (I probably will neglect it and it will die a slow death).

Keep on eating!!


Lazy MoonMarch 28, 2013

If you are a tiny bit familiar with East Orlando and the UCF area, then Lazy Moon needs no explanation. However, if you are a sheltered individual and need emotional care, your brain simply has to gaze at the picture of this slice of heaven in order to fill your heart with joy and wonder.

One of the great eateries of our generation, Lazy Moon is a pure college establishment that appears to be much underrated on the national stage. Its original location served up an eclectic, mysterious environment that catered to a hungry lunchtime crowd as well as the typical drunk student in the evening. Although it was forced to move down the street (next to Burger 21, Tijuana Flats, Jimmy John’s and World of Beer, oh my!), both groups will still have little trouble accomplishing their satisfying missions.

I currently do not have a favorite pizza in Florida, although the case can be made for Mellow Mushroom in Orlando and Bizzarro’s Famous New York Pizza in Indialantic. But in terms of an overall pizza experience, Lazy Moon crushes all others just like the Cleveland Indians crush my dreams every season.

So returning to Lazy Moon in March, I treated myself to possibly the best deal in town: the Box Car Willy. This order selection provides the customer with a gigantic slice and a pint of delicious PBR for just $3.50. I added woodsmoked bacon and BBQ chicken for about $2.50 more and it was certainly well worth it. While waiting for my slice to be delivered to my table, I happily ordered another PBR since they are just $1.07.

Arriving in front of me, I determined that my Box Car Willy could qualify as a candidate for my last meal if I ever faced the chair. Fork and knife is required for about 60 percent of the slice unless you want to gamble your life away. The crust is thin but holds toppings with relative ease given its unique size, and some slather the crust in honey, yet I stay away.

Comparing pizza joints pretty much everywhere, Lazy Moon offers a more delicious, filling meal for a scrumptiously low price. Add a couple cheap adult beverages, and accomplishing the mission can be achieved for virtually half of the cost of other establishments.

If/when I move from Orlando, I will try and enact a law that requires Lazy Moon to move with me.