Nachos, Chicken Nuggets, Fries & Adult Beverages – ESPN Wide World of Sports

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Randomness
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Chicken and FriesMarch 12, 2013

Spring Training always served as a fantasy world for me growing up. A trip to Florida as a youngster was the equivalent of me being able to afford anything nice these days. It was only in my dreams. So when my parents informed me in junior high school that us Michiganders were making the trek to St. Pete Beach, I hit the floor.

I ended up making two journeys to the Sunshine State while living in Michigan, and during those two trips, we blanketed ourselves in Spring Training. I loved every minute.

Now I find myself calling this weird, confusing area my home. It is unfortunately very difficult to find time to get to a game though, so when I do, I make sure to hit the concession stand. On my latest excursion to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to check out the Cardinals face the Braves, all I wanted was my favorite ballpark food: nachos with cheese.

For the price of $4.75, I made my order and in return received a bag of Tostitos with a cup of cheese. I was deflated. My hopes featured a solid container with a heap of chips and steaming-hot cheese, yet this did not happen. I still ventured back to my outfield berm location (which cost $15 to sit on a blanket on wet grass due to the rain) to attempt to enjoy the food selection. I made the most of it for sure, because at least with the chips coming in a bag, they did not run the risk of being stale.

What also helped was the terrific adult beverage special. For $8 fans got a draft beer in a souvenir cup, and refills were only $4. So if you drank four beverages, that would be just $5 per beer, and for a baseball game, that was so money.

Since the nachos did not constitute an actual meal, especially since Jessica ate her fair share, I decided to acquire some chicken nuggets and fries due to the fact they looked scrumptious when our friends Hannah and Andrea devoured them. The price was a little extreme and we did not receive an ample supply of fries, but the nuggets satisfied the tummies. The primary thing that was not satisfying was that the Cardinals got manhandled in the later innings.

A recommendation when interested in purchasing nachos, or any dish, at a sporting event would be to survey the crowds. Check out some of the fans to see what they ordered as well. A burger or nachos may sound tempting, but if your eyes tell you otherwise, it may be time to head to another concession stand.


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