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Fall 2012

Well before I ever made a return trip to Columbus, Ohio, I was informed of a grungy little bar that I needed to frequent. Why? For one it presents itself as a quintessential Brian-Ormiston establishment: small, dark, hole-in-the-wall, randomness everywhere inside. Secondly, the menu boasts insanely good burgers and Great Lakes Brewery adult beverages.

Oh, and no matter what there will be a line. A big line.

All of this came true when I hopped in a car with my sister and her boyfriend and was driven to The Thurman Café in the German Village area just south of downtown. Located on a tree-lined street, nestled among cozy two-story Midwestern-type homes, it serves patrons who immediately discover the length they will have to wait to get a seat, however the “waiting room” calls out to be a friend who you would like to play in the sandbox with on a sunny day. We snuck over to the bar to grab a few beers and inched our way back over to a high top.

I loved this place.

Well, I may have been affected by the pinball machine and me being surrounded by mediocre Ohioans. Wait, am I describing a bar in Columbus or my daily life growing up near Toledo?

I never want to leave!

After our wait we did settle into a wooden “booth” and I struggled handsomely with the menu. Specifically, if this was place was known for burgers and that “Man vs. Food” supplied it with a little love as well, I needed meat. Lots of it. TWSS.

Deciding to stick with a rule of mine which is to get a simple burger during a first visit, I ordered up the Great 3 Burger – a three-quarter pound burger with a quarter pound of cheese. I went with American, Swiss and cheddar.

My expectations were met. And that is not easy to do. People situated all around me were experiencing how a mighty burger can overwhelm the body, mind and soul. Love is a good thing. It appeared during the time frame I sent the burger into my belly that everyone in The Thurman Café also added a nice chunk of poundage to themselves.

I need to get back. Desperately. With this place boasting the potential to entering my top three burger joints in the nation, it has become a top priority in my life to find a way to return to the crossroads of I-71 and I-70.