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Date Devoured: Oct. 17, 2012

Living in Orlando, “Where Dreams Come True” certainly is not the saying for locals. I have somewhat been under the assumption that this statement refers to Graffiti Junktion, an eye-opening establishment near an average downtown that seems to scream out, “Visit me and I’ll tickle your belly. And then we will go get tattoos.”

The quest for the best burger in Orlando continued this month, and due to a massive amount of hype, I thought my journey would end at Graffiti Junktion. I have called Orlando home since the fall of 2006, and because I have several qualities that can be uniquely described as stupid, I never made the short drive to gorge myself in all it has to offer yet. Primarily – a juicy, breathtaking, fall-to-your-knees sandwich of beef.

After scraping my tire on a curb while attempting to park in the streets of Thornton Park, I hustled past the colorful outdoor seating area and inside the cozy bar. No matter where you place your bum, your eyes struggle to focus due to the amount of activity on the walls, as well as the skee-ball machine. My happy moment occurred when I located a sign describing how many miles it would take to get to East Lansing.

With the NLCS on TV and a cold, rewarding adult beverage in front of me, I took hold of a menu and found my first burger of choice: the Lone Star. Simple enough, it featured bacon, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese. I ordered it medium rare with fries.

The result? I still may be on the search.

My reasoning for this is because of the hype and anticipation. That is why I never expect much out of the Cleveland Indians every season, and if they somehow make a run, then it comes as a delightful surprise and I will enjoy the ride (which always ends quickly though).

I should have learned my lesson. But I am so anxious to find that burger of my Orlando dreams that I let it get to me. In all fairness, my Lone Star was extremely good and I pummeled the whole thing, including the tasty fries. It just did not give me the “wow” factor that only a few burgers in this world have provided.

In all, Graffiti Junktion, the Eastside Bistro and Five Guys are in my top three for burgers in this area, and I may throw in BurgerFi in the top four.

Next time at G.J., I may go with the Green Mountain, a madness of Canadian bacon, a fried egg and cheddar on top of a meat patty. But I will admit, if Graffiti Junktion hooked up with Lazy Moon Pizza and moved in side-by-side next to UCF, it would evolve into one of the tastiest combinations in food history.