A Review of BurgerFi – Winter Park, Fla.

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Burgers
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One thing that irritates me the most in my food-enriched life is that I have yet to locate a burger in the Orlando area that truly excites my senses. One that makes me drool when I daydream. One that makes my heart race as if it’s preparing for an upcoming heart attack it’s about to have. One that makes me fall in love with beef.

I want to change that fact. Badly.

All of the best burgers I have devoured in my lifetime are not situated in the state they call Florida. Now, I do have high hopes for Graffiti Junktion and am disappointed in myself that I have not frequented that establishment. But until that time, other burger joints are waiting for me. One of them was BurgerFi in Winter Park.

The town of Winter Park really does not fit my personality – give me a small town with one stop sign and a tiny tavern and I’m set – but I have come to enjoy visiting this uppity locale, especially the Farmers’ Market and the Wine Room. On the edge of the main drag sits this interesting burger bar with both indoor and outdoor seating.

We were only a few steps inside before the line reached our feet. It did not help that the people in front of us appeared to have just come from a little league game based on all the youngsters aimlessly running around. Thankfully the tiresome wait allowed my less-than-average-sized brain to study the menu. All I could see were: burgers, hot dogs, custard, beer. I wanted it all. “Why won’t these kids’ parents finally order already, I’m hungggggry!”

Since this served as my first visit to BurgerFi, I wanted the standard burger option, which was the Classic Cheeseburger. Items included were a double angus burger, two slices of American cheese and secret sauce (I of course pushed aside the lettuce and tomato). I do not know the big deal is with “secret sauce,” I mean, just tell me what that sauce consists of because I doubt anyone cares that, ooooooh it’s secret so it must be special.

Either way, what got my attention was the availability of Sea Dog Blue Paw, a favorite of both myself and my girlfriend. We settled into our seats with our adult beverages and studied the awesomely creative pop dispensers off to the side of the restaurant. They were very futuristic, but it made me wonder why standard pop machines did not already look like these. We are living in 2012, pop dispensers should have received an upgrade a long time ago.

When my burger arrived in its metallic tray, the word “BURGERFI” was branded in the bun. I liked that touch, but in reality the buns were small and pretty cheap. With my first bite I recognized that my sandwich was undercooked a little, and proved to not be very memorable. It was a standard burger that tasted good, but unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary.

The prices were in line with that of Five Guys, however I enjoyed the atmosphere better as well as the fact that afterward we traveled nearby to the Wine Room to sit on what was assuredly a disease-infested couch to sip on several different wines.

If I did return to BurgerFi, I would end up trying a Texas Chili Cheese Dog and a shake instead of another burger.

Hopefully my time to visit Graffiti Junktion is coming soon.


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