Food Survey Results – Part II of III

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Randomness
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Aug. 7, 2012

After discovering some of the best food establishments in the Orlando area in part I of this survey, it’s time to reveal some of the best restaurants across the globe.

Question No. 2 – What is the best eatery you have ever visited?

A lifelong wish of mine is to embark on a food journey, one which takes me to places I dare not dream about. During my regular travels, the most memorable joints have been the hole-in-the-wall restaurants that the USDA inspectors will shut down the next time they visit. However, if my taste buds rapidly explode, and the establishment has bar shuffleboard, then I’ll rank that place pretty high no matter what.

To indulge in a wide variety of answers to this question, check out the below list (although descriptions were not asked for, they were appreciated):

-My personal answer to this is Melt Bar & Grilled in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. I will share reasons behind this in a future blog post. – BO

-The Dillard House in Dillard, Ga.  – JF

-Emeril’s in New Orleans. Emeril himself served the UCF radio crew. – MD

-Twin Oaks in Cranston, R.I. – DB

-Dos Coyotes in Folsom, Calif. It isn’t a fancy restaurant, the food there is consistently fantastic, and the portion sizes are huge. Always fresh, always delicious and very reasonably priced. It’s great. Or The County Line BBQ in Austin, Texas. Probably the best BBQ I’ve ever had, hands down (although if I ever make it to 4 Rivers, we will see). – KH

-Duffy’s Sports Grill in Jupiter, Fla. – JG

-Osteria de’ Peccatori in Florence, Italy. In the U.S., Vito’s Deli in Hoboken, N.J. – JM

-Gates BBQ in Kansas City. – AS

-Texas de Brazil in Orlando. – CP

-Chipotle. – MK

-This is really tough because I’ve visited places all over the country, so picking one is hard. I’m a big steakhouse guy, so Abe and Louie’s in Boston is pretty high on my list with a great cold seafood tower appetizer and a nice selection of steaks. I was a huge fan of Rainwater’s on Kettner in San Diego, but they’re out of business now. Their massive cowboy ribeye and their chocolate cake were magnificent. I’m also a huge fan of Bohanon’s Prime Steaks and Seafood in San Antonio, Texas. You can’t have a list of favorite steakhouses unless you have one in Texas… It’s a law. – JK

-Amerigo, an Italian Restaurant in Tennessee. – KM

-Iron Works BBQ in Austin, Texas. – ED

-Rosebud in Chicago – BS

-The best food place ever…oh wow. I’m gonna go with Whole Foods Market. Don’t laugh, but it has absolutely everything I could ever want. – SN

-Rocco’s Tacos (South Florida locations and a new one opening in the Dr. Phillips area now) or Rok:Brgr (down south). – BF

-Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton, Mass. – DR

-The Brass Monkey in St. Pete Beach. – LP

-Mongolian Grill. – EW

-Not one place in particular, but I do get a kick out of visiting local eateries whenever passing through different places. I’ll always choose a spot with a good craft beer selection and a corned-beef reuven sandwich with extra dressing on the side. – JC

-There is a little restaurant in Dublin, Ireland, known as the Tasty Hut. We discovered it while walking down the street at 2 a.m. There was a fantastic smell of gyro meat radiating from the doorway. For a mere 6.5 Euro we received one of the most delicious meals in my lifetime.  – JH

-Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Ore., Antonio’s Pizza in Amherst, Mass., and Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City, Kansas. Honorable mention to Huey Magoo’s and the Pancake Pantry in Nashville. – LT


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