Rosemary Dijon Burger

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Burgers
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June 8, 2012

Grilling outside when I am back home in Temperance, Mich., easily qualifies as one of my favorite activities. And a basic, tasty meal to satisfy my craving is a burger. So on my second day in the Great Lakes State, I started scavenging for what I required.

After locating hamburger in the garage freezer, I stared at my options in the refrigerator and went a different route, ultimately choosing Muenster and Provolone cheeses with Dijon mustard. Burger buns were not accessible, so two slices of white bread made an appearance as well, while I reached into the spice rack for some rosemary.

My final preparation was heading to the basement fridge for two bottles of Labatt Blue. Now it was grilling time.

I decided to mix rosemary with the burger itself. I have learned that spice is certainly not for everyone when it comes to meat, but my little heart enjoys it occasionally. Placing the burger on the grill, I sat down and stared at the backyard with a Blue in hand.

Flipping it once and covering it with cheese, the fresh smell had to have gotten the attention of the stray animals galloping around, especially the squirrels and the black cat that roams the neighborhood.

I built the sandwich and dove in. For a hamburger, everything has to elegantly blend together to truly be rewarding. And this one did the job. The rosemary, cheese and mustard did not overpower one another, but joined forces as friends to make my taste buds happy. It was a simple burger which went down easy, just like my Canadian beverage.

What You’ll Need

Two Slices of Toasted White Bread

80/20 Hamburger

Muenster Cheese

Provolone Cheese



Black Peppercorns

Dijon Mustard

The Steps

1)      Mix the meat and rosemary (or add rosemary when it is done).

2)      Mash the burger into your preferred patty shape. I like it a tad thinner than the average while pushing in the middle when placing it on the grill.

3)      Have an adult beverage.

4)      Flip the burger and eventually add salt and pepper as well as both slices of cheese.

5)      Toast the bread on the grill.

6)      Keep drinking.

7)      Put the sandwich together with Dijon mustard.


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