Short Stuff Burger from Burger Bar 419 – Toledo, Ohio

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Burgers
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June 7, 2012

I never even stopped at home first.

It was my first day during my annual trip up north, and my mother joyously picked me up at the Detroit airport. Instead of taking the Erie Road exit on I-75, we kept diligently motoring South across the state line into Ohio. And we kept going.

Advancing close to the dirty Maumee River, we finally hit Exit 201A and I found myself next to the Toledo Zoo for the first time in probably 15 years. I would have loved to have hopped out and poke around the monkey cages, but onward we charged because dinner waited.

All the way in South Toledo, we arrived at Burger Bar 419 and my sister Kate was already there plopped in a booth next to a wall which featured a giant mirror. The establishment nestled itself in a random shopping plaza and the inside was somewhat dark and mysterious, yet boasted mediocre paintings with price tags on them.

Since it was my first day back, I simply cared about drinking a northern lager and getting my burger on. So I requested a Buckeye beer from the Maumee Bay Brewing Company and an adjectival appetizer called the Baked Cheddar-Bacon Mac & Cheese with Grilled Chilis. I was sold.

The beer was thankfully very smooth and had a pure Midwestern taste. Although I am not sure what a Midwestern taste actually should be categorized as, but I assume terms like dirty, blubberish and bland would do the trick. The mac & cheese had a mouthwatering description although it fell short on its delivery. I think I hyped it up too much.

As for the burger, I went for the Short Stuff and it was smothered with braised short ribs and smoked cheddar. The presentation was excellent as it arrived with hand-cut fries in a rusty-looking gray pie pan. The short ribs were an interesting addition and amazingly I did not taste them too much throughout my eating process. It ended up being a basic burger which tasted fantastic but it was missing something. I tried pouring some steak sauce on the meat to help give it a kick and it did succeed in bringing a smile to my messy face.

The surprise of the evening occurred when I tasted the fries. Mom described them as those one demolishes when getting fat at Cedar Point in Northern Ohio. I thought they had the look of my mother’s homemade fries, but Cedar Point’s fries are some of the most scrumptious things on Earth.

I certainly would visit Burger Bar 419 if I return to South Toledo. My next order likely would be the Pigs in Heaven appetizer (bacon in horseradish cheese spread) with The Italian burger (arugula, balsamic grilled tomato which I would ask them to remove, basil aioli and mozzarella).


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