SBK Burger from Cavallari Gourmet

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Burgers
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April 15, 2012

It serves as a place where food dreams come true. A simple little meat market situated within a quaint shopping center, Cavallari Gourmet forces jaws to drop the moment first-time visitors open its doors. Tasty free samples immediately greet your eyeballs, and then of course the stomach. Glancing to the left, Cavallari features an intense selection of domestic and imported beer, a deli with Boar’s Head products and a wide variety of cheeses as well as spices. Straight ahead brings out the sommelier in any visitor, as wine from across the world spreads out in elegant displays.

The real action, however, takes place to the right of the establishment, which brings this blog to the next sandwich. Filling up the length of the wall, Cavallari’s meat presentation is out of control. From stuffed chicken to steaks and premade burgers to kabobs, everything is available – even side dishes such as twice-baked potatoes, vegetables and macaroni and cheese. On tap this trip was the SBK Burger.

What SBK stands for remains unclear. A proper guess could be the Swiss, Bacon and Killer Burger. Killer as in the burger destroys the mind from its amazing flavors. And this massive design cost just $3.29, and I am positive if this were on the menu at any casual restaurant it would sell for at least $10.

Not having a grill at my disposal, I had two options: stove top or the George Foreman, which I had not utilized in about five months. I remain certain that the George Foreman causes food to lose so much of its taste, thus the reason I usually store it above the refrigerator for extended periods of time. I brought it out this time, though.

Sidenote: Bruce Channel’s Hey! Baby just came on internet radio. Fantastic writing music. “Heyyyy, heyyyy baby! I want to knowwww, if you’ll be my burger.”

Wrapped in a huge bacon slice with black peppercorns flooding its sides, the burger contained Swiss, cheddar and garlic mixed in its core and took awhile to cook to medium-well. While the SBK sizzled, I needed to be different due to sandwich buns not having a place in my kitchen today so I buttered up two slices of standard white bread and toasted them on the stove.

Once everything was complete, I added Bertman Ballpark Mustard out of Cleveland, and let my taste buds have control over the next five minutes. I brushed off several of the black peppercorns since they were very strong, but every bite provided a unique texture and flavor, especially from the ring of bacon. I guarantee this burger would have given me an even more memorable experience if I had the proper bread, but the two slices still worked as solid replacements.

What You’ll Need

Hamburger buns (or two slices of toasted white bread)

If Cavallari Gourmet is not accessible and combining ingredients at home:

80/20 hamburger

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Swiss Cheese



Black Peppercorns

The Steps

Although I do not know how the meat market makes it:

1)      Combine hamburger with shredded cheeses and garlic and form into a patty

2)      Wrap a piece of bacon around the edges so the bacon overlaps itself

3)      Layer the bacon in black peppercorns so it sticks

4)      Cook, preferably on a grill

5)      Add any condiments, but nothing extra is necessary

  1. Mike says:

    SBK = Soul Brother Kevin. The radio personality on Real Radio 104.1 who created the burger design.

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