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From the mind of Doug Richards, who had a father-son outing at Huey Magoo’s April 27:

I enjoyed the sliders. Good rolls. Plenty of fries.

But because Gordon got the kids meal, I got to dip the sliders into his Magoos sauce. Without that, they would have been a little dry.

So I recommend you guys have kids first if you want to eat the sliders.


April 22, 2012

Recommended to myself by a young phenom who holds the name of A.J. Lear, I was eagerly off to Mustard’s Last Stand in Melbourne, Fla. My mission carried a clear target, which was to locate a memorable hot dog. However, first I wanted to update my small brain on the historical event for which this establishment cleverly picked up its name. And how easily I forgot Custer’s Last Stand also goes by the name of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the simple fact that the Custer Battalion was defeated in the state of Montana.

After proving to myself that I truly did not learn much from history class while in school, my focus turned on the bright yet unassuming one-story structure before my eyes.  Chance of rain this day fixated on 80 percent, yet the sun beat down on the pavement and was accompanied by a steady, comforting breeze. I passed through Mustard’s outdoor seating where smiling patrons gathered, and it felt like I began entering an old beach house.

Greeted by yellow walls filled with San Francisco 49ers trading cards, a Joe Montana Notre Dame jersey and other random pictures and drawings (including a KISS action figure), I felt scrunched due to the tiny aisle way where hungry customers line up to order. I glanced at the menu board on the wall and noticed hot dogs were not the only cuisine, but Mustard’s also provided items such as chicken and sausages. Two of my unfortunate favorite adult beverages, PBR and Shock Top, sat behind the counter as well.

My sights were set on the Charley Dog – a behemoth of a dog which contained chili, melted cheese, onions and French fries on top. Following my request for a no-onion Charley Dog, I took my number and sat down where a gentlemen across from me was demolishing a foot-long while pushing cheese fries down his throat. Watching this adventure helped pass the time until my dog ventured over to my table thanks to a courtesy waitress.

Staring at my entrée allowed me to soak up the moment, only I needed to start digging in to my meal. My first attempt to pick up the hot dog resulted in fries falling off the soft bun from both directions, so I tried again and finally secured my first bite. In about three seconds, it was gone.

With Sirius XM’s AltNation playing Silversun Pickups in the speakers above, my head bobbed to the thought of ordering another. On a chalkboard near the door, I glanced at the term, “Junkyard Dog.” It appeared to be a big brother to the Charley Dog due to the addition of bacon and spicy ranch. So I went for it and I am thrilled I did.

While devouring my second dog, a thought popped into my head. “I have chili and cheese all over my hands and face. Why do I only have one napkin?” I realized this could be on purpose because it made the experience even more memorable. Once I got a tad messy, I decided to screw it and I made it my duty to be the sloppiest customer in the restaurant. After munching on the best hot dogs my stomach has ever digested, I am pretty sure I succeeded.

What You’ll Need

You don’t even need a mild appetite. As soon as you enter the aromas fill the nostrils, ultimately informing the tummy it requires more food.

Sporcle Me! That Sounds Naughty

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Randomness

Possibly the best website in the history of the world, ever, Sporcle has given me the mind-numbing Sandwich Quiz! And it is a lot harder than I thought. What a game for when I am trying to kill time…

April 15, 2012

It serves as a place where food dreams come true. A simple little meat market situated within a quaint shopping center, Cavallari Gourmet forces jaws to drop the moment first-time visitors open its doors. Tasty free samples immediately greet your eyeballs, and then of course the stomach. Glancing to the left, Cavallari features an intense selection of domestic and imported beer, a deli with Boar’s Head products and a wide variety of cheeses as well as spices. Straight ahead brings out the sommelier in any visitor, as wine from across the world spreads out in elegant displays.

The real action, however, takes place to the right of the establishment, which brings this blog to the next sandwich. Filling up the length of the wall, Cavallari’s meat presentation is out of control. From stuffed chicken to steaks and premade burgers to kabobs, everything is available – even side dishes such as twice-baked potatoes, vegetables and macaroni and cheese. On tap this trip was the SBK Burger.

What SBK stands for remains unclear. A proper guess could be the Swiss, Bacon and Killer Burger. Killer as in the burger destroys the mind from its amazing flavors. And this massive design cost just $3.29, and I am positive if this were on the menu at any casual restaurant it would sell for at least $10.

Not having a grill at my disposal, I had two options: stove top or the George Foreman, which I had not utilized in about five months. I remain certain that the George Foreman causes food to lose so much of its taste, thus the reason I usually store it above the refrigerator for extended periods of time. I brought it out this time, though.

Sidenote: Bruce Channel’s Hey! Baby just came on internet radio. Fantastic writing music. “Heyyyy, heyyyy baby! I want to knowwww, if you’ll be my burger.”

Wrapped in a huge bacon slice with black peppercorns flooding its sides, the burger contained Swiss, cheddar and garlic mixed in its core and took awhile to cook to medium-well. While the SBK sizzled, I needed to be different due to sandwich buns not having a place in my kitchen today so I buttered up two slices of standard white bread and toasted them on the stove.

Once everything was complete, I added Bertman Ballpark Mustard out of Cleveland, and let my taste buds have control over the next five minutes. I brushed off several of the black peppercorns since they were very strong, but every bite provided a unique texture and flavor, especially from the ring of bacon. I guarantee this burger would have given me an even more memorable experience if I had the proper bread, but the two slices still worked as solid replacements.

What You’ll Need

Hamburger buns (or two slices of toasted white bread)

If Cavallari Gourmet is not accessible and combining ingredients at home:

80/20 hamburger

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Swiss Cheese



Black Peppercorns

The Steps

Although I do not know how the meat market makes it:

1)      Combine hamburger with shredded cheeses and garlic and form into a patty

2)      Wrap a piece of bacon around the edges so the bacon overlaps itself

3)      Layer the bacon in black peppercorns so it sticks

4)      Cook, preferably on a grill

5)      Add any condiments, but nothing extra is necessary

April 12, 2012 – National Grilled Cheese Day

Confining myself to the city limits of Orlando on National Grilled Cheese Day, I did not have the pleasure of frequenting The Melt Bar and Grilled in Cleveland, which serves up the best sandwiches in the country. Instead I let my mind do the work for me with what I had laying around in my refrigerator. So I grabbed some shaved ham from the Target deli along with prepackaged slices of American and Swiss cheese, as well as some shredded cheddar.

Always enjoying the club-style sandwich, I whipped out three slices of standard white bread, yet I knew something should be added. Scoping out my spice rack, nothing stood out until my eyes peered towards my canisters, one of which stored brown sugar. The idea was complete.

The stove was fired up to medium and my bread was buttered lightly on both sides. Eventually I sprinkled brown sugar on just one side of the outer slices and let it come to a light brown color before flipping. The brown sugar delicately filled my nostrils as it quickly formed a crunchy texture. When the bread was ready, I added American and Swiss with some of the Cheddar on top of one slice along with some ham, then duplicated that event to one more slice. As it melted, the sandwich was constructed, flipped once on the skillet so it evenly cooked and tossed over to my plate.

Depending on how much cheese and ham used, this grilled cheese can develop into a filling meal. The brown sugar bread created a sweetness delivery into the mouth before the cheese took over. It was a surprisingly great combination, and a cheery moment on one of the best days of the year.

What You’ll Need (Substitute Anything Your Heart Desires)

White Bread – Three slices

Deli Ham – Preferably shaved

American Cheese – Two slices

Swiss Cheese – Two slices

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Brown Sugar

The Steps

1)      Butter each side of the bread and put on a pan at medium heat

2)      As they are browning, sprinkle brown sugar on the top of two bread slices so they are 50 percent covered

3)      Flip the bread over when they start to get golden

4)      Once the brown sugar begins to form a layer, add all three kinds of cheeses and ham to the tops of the two brown sugared bread pieces

5)      As it begins to melt, form the sandwich and flip once to evenly heat

6)      Dominate it